„We’re looking for the possibility to record fully analog – are you able to do this?“ – My answer was „yes of course“ and that’s why the acoustic band „SCHEEL“ came to the studio shortly after. A few technical adjustments had to be made to create a fully analog signal flow, and we were ready to go!

We recorded “direct-to-tape” – no editing, no post-production whatsoever, the mix was recorded directly to quarter inch stereo tape. I did not use any form of digital outboard equipment (i.e. reverb), so the reverberation room of the Erich-Thienhaus-Institut was brought back to life to add reverb to a few single tracks.

Directly after the recording session I did a digital copy of the tape to forgo any pre-echos or other disturbing effects. The only thing that was recorded digitally is the video production, which you can see here, together with the audio mix from tape.